No Boss Technology

We are a company engaged in the development of web applications and web portals as a service provider and in commerce of our own products ranging from small solutions that can be aggregated to customers websites and portals until complete products.

Although young, founded in January 2014, our company has a team of professionals with great experience, starting by the co-founder who operates in the field for more than ten years.


"The new entrance exam's site was thought in details for easy and objectives updates. The idea of a modular site which allows the approval in a single enverionment were also factors that did bring more agility to the update process. The fact that the site was built on the same plataform as the others Unisinos sites was challenging, but the result was better than expected. Developed in a short time, like most web projects, this project came to add to Unisinos online products more competitiveness and technology. Responsiveness and a pleasant navigation integrated with Joomla CMS were achieved desires. The No Boss had a singular commitment to quality and technology provided to this project."

Pietra Ranucci - Unisinos Project Manager
November, 6, 2014

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