No Boss Technology

We are a company engaged in the development of web applications and web portals as a service provider and in commerce of our own products ranging from small solutions that can be aggregated to customers websites and portals until complete products.

Although young, founded in January 2014, our company has a team of professionals with great experience, starting by the co-founder who operates in the field for more than ten years.


"I want in my name and on behalf of the Brazilian Association of Reincarnationist Psychotherapy (a.k.a ABPR), congratulate the No Boss, its President and staff for the excellence of their work, both on professionally and personally levels. We, from ABPR are extremely pleased and honored about this partnership with the No Boss, because we highly value a realtionship when, in addition to the technical character, it also has an emotional aspect, and so is our relationship with the No Boss. In a world which, increasingly, everything is getting only technological, impersonal and distant, we from ABPR feel very gratified to be able to rely on the professionals from this company who, moreover, are friends and brothers. I enthusiastically recommend the No Boss for those who do not just want a high-quality technial service, but for those who also want fraternal fellow sojourners."

Mauro Kwitko - ABPR President
February, 25, 2016

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